Wide-platen design

The Si-6 model has a wide platen design with extended tie bar spacing allowing mounting easier larger moulds.

Advanced V-shaped toggle design

Working with Kyoto University has brought TOYO toggle clamping system one of TOYO's core technologies. The toggle link mechanism is given a steeper angle than conventional machines so that the clamping force can be directed to the centre of the mould for uniform distribution of clamping pressure. This enhances the life of your mould and increase accuracy of the parts injected.

On the other side, with the help of optimized analytical models, the die plates are given wider tie-bar spacing and even higher rigidity despite the fat-cut slim design. This contributes to high cycle operation and energy saving.

Pressure in the centre of the mould

The toggle design has an angle of 7½ degrees allowing a much better transfer of kinetic force to the center of the mould. The force is distributed more even due to the lower attach points on the platen.

Since the V-shaped clamp unit reauires a shorter link length and a shorter ball screw strocks, the overall mould opening and closing can be reduced.

The high speed ejector motors allow faster acceleration & deceleration.

Rigid machine frame

TOYO's machine frame is the most outstanding rigid and vibration resistance ever found in conventional injection machines in the industry. The plate parallelism is maintained even when heavy stress is applied allowing maintaining high accuracy throughout the years.