TOYO Environment Policy

With the motto of ''developing and producing machines friendly to both people and the environment'', and with profound recognition of being members of society, TOYO is committed to acting with careful consideration to the global and regional environments in every aspect of its business activities, including paying special attention to the location of our production site and to being harmonious with the environment.

Less CO2 emission

The comparison of power consumption between the fully electric Si-850-6 machine and a typical hydraulic competitor machine of the same size gives the following results:
The fully electric Si-850-611.88 kW/h
Typical hydraulic machine30.31 kW/h
The difference of power consumption is 18.43 kW/h which can be easily converted into 7 kg/h CO2. Supposing the machine operates 5000 hrs par year, the energy waste of a hydraulic machine would be approx 35'000 kg CO2. This excess of CO2 emission would need 2'500 cider trees to transform it back into O2 again.

The Si-series allow you to gain the maximum production at the least CO2 emission.


TOYO developed PLASTAR Grease and lubricant-saving design realize 88% reduction of grease consumption.

Low noise operation for confortable work environment thanks to sealed belt drive.

RoHS compliant lead-free control board.

Please consider the environment before printing any page of the TOYO-Europe web site.

The Electrical advantage

Using electrical power instead of hydraulic brings the following direct advantages:

  • High precision & Stabile process
    Feed back control of position and velocity by encoder of all movements allow knowing at any time the effective and real position of each moving machine part. The whole process is at any time under full control for any mould type. The process is highly repeatable.
  • Shorten cycle time
    As the machine knows at any time the position and velocity of each movement, it is possible to execute simultaneous with high accuracy different movements depending of the mould type.
  • High Speed Injection
    In addition to the close loop control on position and velocity, the injection unit has a digital pressure sensor allowing to close loop the torque in order to inject at very high speed. Controlling these parameters allows optimizing the machine to its limits for every type of mould.
  • Eco-friendly
    Electricity is needed only when movements are in operation. In that way a fully electric injection machine is saving energy from 30% up to 70% to a comparable hydraulic machine.

If the electricity your machine is using is produced in an ecological clean way, than you are really in perfect harmony with TOYO environmental policy.