Largest range of fully electric injection molding machines

The Si-6 series are one of the largest ranges of fully electric injection machines from 50 to 950 tons. Resulting of more than 25 years of experience, the Si-6 series are well introduced in Japan, Asia, North America and South Europe. Since May 2007, RP Injection Srl began as exclusive distributor for Europe and has introduced successfully more than 200 machines in less than 3 years.

Some unique key features are listed here below:

The Si-6 series bring new opportunities to increase the competitiveness of its users. Large size models are available in fully electric allowing making the difference in power consumption for multi-cavity moulds or large parts.


    50% lower power consumption

    In addition to the 1/3 power consumption reduction compared to hydraulic machines, the Si-6 series offer an ecology-conscious working environment:

    • The lubricant-saving design and the originally developed Plastar-Grease can reduce up to 90% grease consumption
    • Use of electrical power only when necessary allows to reduce power consumption to 1/3 compared to hydraulic machines
    • Quiet machine operation is possible thanks to the use of a sealed belt-drive unit

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