The Si-80-6 model

The Si-80-6 model brings a new dimension to your shop floor. The V-shaped die clamping unit allows high-speed ejector realize high-cycle operation. Its design increases horizontal tie-bar spacing to accommodate one-size larger dies. The extremely sharp acceleration and deceleration of the injection unit make the one of the best of its class. The double nozzle-touch mechanism prevents inclination and instability of the stationary die plate.

The user-friendly control system allows all-in-one menu screen for instant access to any screen. The shock-free motion control is an additional feature for stable, continuous moulding. TOYO developed PLASTAR Grease and lubricant-saving design realize almost 90% reduction of grease consumption. Power consumption has been greatly reduced especially for large size machines.

A wide range of screws developed with TOYO’s see-through heat barrel technology can handle a variety of resins. The SRC-II metering system ensures uniform metering density. The SRC-III metering system prevents

Injection units available

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